Customized Product Development

Your steps towards your final requirements

Customized product development stands for a tailor made solution. Our team translates your dedicated requirements into specific chemical formulations taking your working environment into account.

Our chemical formulations are based on in-depth screening of the commercially available raw materials with respect to the technical specifications. In case there is a need for modified or new raw materials, we are able to do the in-house synthesis, based on a molecular modeling approach.

We are able to test and evaluate new formulations against the technical specifications in our lab, but our team can assist you to implement the new formulation in your own adapted workflow or new application. Therefore we provide you with prototype samples from ml to 50 L scale, for in-house testing.

Indeed, we have the ambition to provide you with a sustainable solution creating a long lasting added value with respect to cost and ecology.

Our expertise is consolidated in the development of customized and/or functionalized dispersions, coatings and inks (inkjet).


Customized product development