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KMO Kennisbeurs
ChemStream’s focus on customizing, formulating and applying your solutions

The KMO Kennisbeurs is an initiative of innovation centres of Flanders where more than 60 knowledge providers and institutes had the opportunity to present their competences towards different types of innovative SME’s.

ChemStream presented itself as chemical knowledge provider and problem solver towards the customer’s dedicated applications.

The strength of ChemStream lies in its integrated approach. Therefore, based on the central theme:
➢ Customizing your solutions
➢ Formulating your solutions
➢ Applying your solutions
ChemStream could convince its visitors of the importance of this integrated approach.

This process was illustrated on the ChemStream booth with several practical examples which could help to translate our approach towards the specific problems or questions of our visitors.

Also the case study of a plasma removable, self-diagnostic and super-hydrophobic coating, which we developed in the European FP7 project PANNA for protecting cultural heritage assets, was an illustration of the need for an integrated approach for high demanding and innovative applications.


For further information visit the website:KMO kennisbeurs voor innoverende ondernemers | IWT

KMO Kennisbeurs