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Eurofinish 2013, Flanders Expo Hall 1, Booth V021, Ghent: ChemStream launches its new product line ECOBLOCK (Innovation track) and gives a technical demonstration of invisible encoding with UV-inkjet (Demo track)

ChemStream at booth V021:
For more information: Exposantenlijst - easyFairs®

ChemStream launches its new ECOBLOCK product line during the INNOVATION TRACK:
For more information: Innovatietraject - easyFairs®

Ecoblock is a unique product line of UV-curable water absorbing coatings that can absorb water up to 500 times their own weight without losing their rigid structure. This super absorbing coating, that can be applied on a substrate by coating and UV-curing, doesn’t contain any water swelling particles, but swells by itself in contact with water. Exceptional properties with respect to water blocking, water absorption and controlled release can be achieved. ChemStream received the innovation award for this technology.
Download the full text of EcoBlock technical explanation (In Dutch): pdf

ChemStream gives a technical life demo of invisible encoding with UV inkjet during the DEMO TRACK:
For more information: Demotraject - easyFairs®