Functional Fluids

We translate your functional requirements into an applicable fluid

Translating the funtional requirements of your problem into a solution is our expertise; whatever the constitution of the fluid will be (solution, dispersion, (micro)emulsion, foam, solid solution …) and whatever application method will be preferred (coating, printing, painting, dipping …).

High throughput hydrogel coatings, anti-counterfeiting fluorescent and phosphorescent inks and crystal growth controllers are just a tiny grasp out of our product portfolio basket.

Crystal structure, crystal morphology and crystal size are crucial for physico-chemical properties like dissolution rate, dispersability, optical properties, reactivity …. We developed a universal applicable approach to tailor these properties via specifically designed crystal growth controllers and crystal surface modifications. Our understanding of particle formation on an industrial scale can give your products unique properties.

Our hydrogel coatings can be applied on various substrates at high speed and under sustainable conditions. The water uptake is more than 300 times there own weight. They can block water ingression very efficiently over a broad pH-range. The hydrogel was stained with a green fluorescent pigment only visible under blacklight.