Innovative Contract Research

Your bridge between chemistry and technology

Innovative contract research stands for experienced project management in a business-to-business collaboration and stands for a consolidated transfer of know how and technology during the implementation process.
In close cooperation with our customer, we come to a detailed project plan, based on the following consecutive steps:

* Clear definition of the functional goals of the project
* Translation into technical specifications
* Definition of project plan with milestones and deliverables
* Concept research and development of prototypes
* Verification against technical specifications
* Validation by the customer against functional specifications
* Scaling up of the products or processes

We can coordinate flexible and multidisciplinary teams during the different project phases to achieve the maximum business potential.

In case of insufficient resources or competences, we have the capability to initiate and to coach the process for a possible funding and we have also the capability to facilitate new partnerships within dedicated consortia.

At the end of the project we assure the complete know how and technology transfer, ready for implementation.

We work on a confidential partnership basis with the customer, which guarantees also the transfer of rights on project outcome and intellectual property.

We have several ongoing industrial projects (under non-disclosure agreement), where technological changes and improvements or new product development must lead to energy efficiency, waste reduction and recyclability. Our unique approach lies in combining these technological achievements with innovative sustainable chemical concepts and building blocks. Indeed, our experienced team in chemistry and material science can rely on a variety of skills and competences.


Contract research