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UV curable hydrogel coatings with controlled swelling behavior: water uptake up to 300 times their own weight!
hydrogel In 2012 a UV curable hydrogel coating has been developed by ChemStream. The objective was to make high swelling coatings that absorb water to many times their own weight in a very short time.
Applications of these coatable and UV curable hydrogel formulations can be situated in the telecommunication sector as well as in the medical and hygienic sector, in fire protection and humidity control, for filtration purposes, in the horticulture sector, etc.

A benefit to the classical superabsorbing polymer powders (SAPs) that are frequently used in practice (f.e. in diapers, in water-blocking yarns,…) is the firmness of a coated hydrogel structure which can retain the water in the form of the applied coating.
Based on our knowledge of UV curing chemistry and our coating expertise several UV curable hydrogel coatings have already been developed with a swelling capacity ranging from 300 to 600 times their own weight in water. The swelling capacity and the kinetics of the swelling process can be fine-tuned by changing the monomer composition and by choosing the right coating application. Parameters like adhesion, flexibility and the tackiness of the final hydrogel coating can also be addressed by using the right additives and processing techniques. Even a color can be added to the formulation so to make the coating (in dry and/or swollen state) visible for the eye.


The formulations that currently are in further development lead to safe and ecofriendly coatings, which is a big asset to the high environmental demands and to the development of sustainable products in general.
UV curable hydrogel