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UV coating and UV digital printing technology: an integrated concept for sustainable process flow

ChemStream develops UV coatings and UV inkjet inks which can be cured with the same amount of UV irradiation energy at the same speed.
As a technological demonstration tool and development device, we are using a very simple test rig where we can simulate the integration of a digital inkjet printing head in line with a coating line, suited to functionalize both the pre-coatings and finishing coatings.
In this low cost setup a low energy UV-LED has been used as irradiation source and a piezo drop on demand (DOD) printing head in combination with UV-LED curable coatings and inkjet inks with optimized photo initiation system.

UV coating

We have implemented this principle in industrial coating and printing lines which offers our customers the opportunity to optimize their dedicated applications with respect to end user requirements and energy consumption.

In this way we create together with the customer a lot of added value to his end product and workflow:

Tailor made solutions as added values:
- Substrate diversity: flexibles & rigids (metal, glass, plastics, textile, wood, ceramics ...)
- Process diversity: wet on dry & wet on wet
- Top coat diversity: finishing & functionalities (scratch and wear resistant, antistatic, antimicrobial, flame retardant …)

Sustainable workflow as added value:
- Instant dry
- Short process time
- Low energy consumption
- No waste
- No Volatile Organic Components (No VOC’s)
- Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
- Smaller floor space

uv coating