About ChemStream
is an independent experienced research company in designing, developing, prototyping and up-scaling of Dispersions, Coatings, Inks (Inkjet) and Functional fluids
is convinced that the strength of a successful product and process development lies in the diversity of shared and well balanced competences.
has a R&D core team with more than 20 years experience in an application driven material and technology development. The team consists exclusively of highly trained scientists (PhD’s ) in chemistry and material science.
has his own lab-facilities with organic synthesis, formulation and characterization infrastructure.
is situated at UBCA (Universitair Bedrijven Centrum Antwerp), the incubation centre for innovative companies of Antwerp University.
has ongoing projects (on a confidential partnership basis with the customer) in technical textile, wood decoration, cosmetics, packaging, printing, coating and paint industry and telecommunication.
participates in several international and European innovation projects.
is member of:
* FISCH: Flanders Innovation Hub for Sustainable Chemistry
UNITEX: Association of executives of the textile industry
VOM: Belgian association for surface finishing techniques
(Belgische Vereniging voor Oppervlaktetechnieken van Materialen)
* VOKA: Kamer van Koophandel, Antwerpen-Waasland
* ESMA: Association in Europe for Specialist Printing Manufacturers of Screen, Digital and Flexo technology
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